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Good things come in threes- Triple Town


I have about 70 apps (and counting) on my Samsung Galaxy Note LTE, and this is the only app I have ever paid for.  I think this gives you some clue how much I enjoy it. It’s a puzzle game in which you have to combine 3 or more items (think Candy Crush or similar) to make an item of a larger value (3 bushes make a tree, 3 trees make a red brick house, etc.).  The more valuable items you have on your board, the more point you get.  Easy, right?image

The game is easy to play but incredibly difficult to master, making it completely addictive, and I find myself constantly trying to up my game and beat my highscore.  With various modes to choose from (less modes if you’re not paying), you can either have a quick, timed game or a drawn-out session.  Progress is saved if you leave mid-game unless you choose to abandon the currrnt game.  I appreciate the developer’s thoughtfulness for us busy multitasking peeps!image

Aside from the good, point-giving elements you can place on the board (the pieces you get are assigned randomly), you also get given bears, which are very annoying because they walk about and take up your space.  Even more annoying is the ninja bear, which jumps all over your board.  This is when the “imperial bot” comes in handy.  Just place one of these demolishers on your bear and it will turn into a tombstone (those are good- 3 of them make a church, for some bizarre reason).  After you finish a game, you get given “coins” based on how well you did.  It is an in-game currency in which you can buy board pieces to suit your needs, to clear up a board and so on.  I used to think I don’t need this kind of “outside help”, but it can come in handy when all you need is a bush or a tree to help you clear off a big area.  There are also many tips you can pick up before the start of each game- be sure not to skip them!image

For the game in the standard mode, it is over once you fill up the board.  For the time mode, though, you are only given 2 minutes so if you place your pieces well you’ll be left with plenty of space even as you’re running out of time (look at my board above).  Therefore, the strategy is to create pieces with high points (like the floating castle/ lighthouse thing on the bottom right) rather than filling the board with mediocre pieces.  I am starting to find the 2-minute games more mentally changelling than the standard mode, since you have to think quick and think right! 

I would definitely recommend you to try out this game if you enjoy puzzle games.  You get something like 1,000 turns for free (sounds like a lot but only takes a short while to click 1,000 times), then you can make up your mind whether to purchase it or not.  It costs a few US dollars only, and is good for endless hours of fun- trust me, I did nothing for the whole weekend when I first downloaded the app (which resulted in a rather bad neck pain- if you download the app make sure to rest every once in a while).  Don’t say you haven’t been warned!


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