Pretty as a petal- Fresh Sugar Rose Tinted Lip Treament


I’ve tried a fair share of lip balms, and I especially love a tinted balm because it adds a bit of colour to your pout without having you worry about the colour bleeding, transferring… that sort of thing.  Fresh’s Sugar lip balms are pretty hyped up, but I think they deserve every bit of their popularity.  They now have lots of colours to choose from (aside from the non-tinted version), but Rose is by far my favourite.  It is a soft but very moisturising lip balm in a petal pink shade, housed in a sturdy metal tube (actually the inside is plastic).  Each tube contains 4.3 grams of product.image

Here’s what the balm looks like when the tube is twisted open (twist caps are the best.  They may not be the most convenient but they won’t get loose inside your bag).  It originally contains a full tube of product, but mine is down to a few millimetres.  It looks pretty bright in the tube but is a sheer wash of colour on your lips.  If you want a deeper shade you can get Plum or Passion.  I’ve read that if you put the tube in your pocket it melts, which makes sense as the balm is quite soft.  I would suggest you to only twist it up a little bit when you use it, and also don’t press too hard on your lips, otherwise you’ll smash the lippy up.  image

As you can see, the colour is a very barely-there tint.  It’s natural enough to use without other makeup on.  And, coming from me who’s got dry lips, it’s also super moisturising.  The texture is somewhere between Vaseline (too slippery, doesn’t mositurise my lips at all) and Eight Hour Cream (too thick and gooey).  It doesn’t have much shine,  but just enough to minimise the appearance of lines on your lips.  And you get SPF 15 as well, without the yucky feel of sunscreen. 

A great all-rounded lip balm, the only downside being the price (on the company website it’s advertised as USD $22.5, but being in faraway Hong Kong it costed a bit more for me).  However, it didn’t stop me from purchasing it over and over again- I’ve used up about 3 tubes in all, which shows how lovable this product is.  Have you tried Fresh’s lip balms and which shade is your favourite?


Creme of the creamy lip colours- Too Faced La Creme Color Drenched Lip Cream


First of all, sorry I haven’t been reviewing nor recommending anything for so long.  I have been snowed in with work and haven’t got time to try anything new!  Anyway, here’s something I tried recently- Too Faced’s new (not so new) lippy.  It claims to be moisturising, creamy and drenched in colour.  It’s also pretty expensive (17 GBP for 1 lipstick!), but since reviews on other sites and blogs seem to rave about it, I got one to try.  And I wasn’t disappointed.image

The colour I got is called “Spice Spice Baby”.  It comes from the “Spice” family and is a creamy brick/ mauve/ latte shade with a kick.  Some people describe it as MLBB (my-lips-but-better, if you aren’t familiar with this type of makeup language), but I find it more MLBD (my-lips-but-darker, and this one I just made it up).  And bear in mind that I have medium skin, so on pale people it would look pretty solid.

The tube is metal, and a luxurious gold colour.  It’s heavy to hold.  It also has a transparent plastic stopped on the inside of the tube cover to give it some grip.  Initially I found the feeling weird (when you close the tube it feels like you’re squishing the lipstick), bu I’ve since got used to it and I like it because it keeps the cover from undoing itself.   

The lipstick itself is indeed very creamy and the colour comes out quite solid, although you can easily apply it over lipbalm or just use your fingers to dot it on and it will become sheer.  I personally can’t be bothered to apply lipsticks with my fingers so I apply it over balm sometimes and just press my lips together and that works fine as well.


This is the product on my lips.  You probably can’t tell from the picture, but my lips are usually quite dry, and for the benefit of this photo I haven’t applied any lip balm beforehand, just the Lip Cream.  It works decently in covering wrinkles on the lips, although I still prefer wearing it over balm.  The staying power is decent but I can’t really tell as I normally don’t go hours with drinking or eating anything.  But it kind of fades into a softer stain, then eventually all fade away, which I think all lipsticks should be like (but most aren’t, instead choosing to collect in clumps on your lips).

All in all, a lipstick which balances out colour and comfort.  With more than a dozen shades to choose from, I’m sure you will find some one you like.