Create monsters to kill monsters- Fort Conquer


I’d like to share with you a free smarphone game I’m kind of addicted to recently: Fort Conquer.  It’s a tower defense game, but not just any tower defense game.  With two game modes and the option to evolve monsters (good monsters, to help defend your fort/ castle/ whatever that is), this game provides hours and hours of entertainment and endless possibilities.


First, the gameplay.  There are two modes: Local and Arena.  For Local mode (the mode you get first), you get to buy monsters (which are really just animals: mammoths, roosters, unicorns that sort of thing), and then you produce them with an aim of attacking the opponent’s monsters, like this:image

You can upgrade the production speed of your monsters using “crystals”, which you gain when you win a level.  They’re surprisingly easy to earn, although you can also buy them with real money.  When you win, you also win gold, which you can use to buy more monster cards (you can choose which ones to use for every level of the game.  You can also sell your cards but of course they rip you off and lose a lot of gold.).image

For the arena mode, you compete against other players.  You choose your cards, and instead of actual fighting, the cards “fight” against each other automatically.  You also get gold and crystals when you win, but there’s no harm in losing because you don’t lose gold nor crystals when you lose.  In fact, you still get some gold, just less than when you win.  I love it that when you lose, you still win!