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I May Just Get Addicted To… Dior Addict Lip Glow

I haven’t been on this blog for a very, very long time.  I’m sorry.  I also haven’t been trying anything worth talking about.  But mostly I have been lazy.  Anyway, I’m back now, and I hope to update more often, even if I can’t do so regularly.

If you know me, you’ll know that I am kind of addicted to lip products.  I am, and have always been.  I have tried dozens over the years, and have only found a handful that I love.  One of my obsessions is tinted lip balms, because they’re part makeup and part skincare and you convince yourself it’s actually good for you.   I have finished up several tubes of Fresh’s Rost Sugar Tinted Lip Treatment, which is an extremely rare occurance for me.  To finish up a product is rare enough; to re-purchase it when there are countless choices out there is almost unheard of.  So there you go.  It tops my list as one of my favourite go-tos.  But as of now, I don’t own one.  So I thought it’s time to try another.  The contender is Dior Addict’s Lip Glow (in pink, as the limited coral one is no longer available).  Actually I meant to try it long ago, but it’s just way too expensive.  It still remains the most expensive lip product I own to date.  I can’t tell you whether or not it’s “worth it”, but I’ve never had anything quite like it.


The balm itself is slightly pinkish, but it goes on clear, then morphs according to the heat on your lips, apparently.  It becomes a pink tint that is MLBB (actually, MLBMB, My Lips But Much Better), because it literally glows, like it’s lit from within.  Not glossy, not shimmery, but glowy.  Result: supple and healthy-looking lips that brightens up your complexion.  It’s a tad sticker than normal balms, but I wouldn’t call the consistency sticky at all.  If anything, it adheres to your lips better and moisturises your lips better.  And the colour transfers less than your ordinary lippie, because it is basically a clear balm.  Okay… so I don’t get how it works either.  But it does.


The one concern I had before purchasing was, how on earth is it different than, say, the colour-changing balm from Lip Ice, which is about a tenth of its price?  First off, the Lip Ice one turned bright pink, which is ok when you want bright pink, but not when you want MLBB and have no control over how the colour will morph.  It has the potential to get scary.  Also, this is Dior.  I suppose a lot of money goes to buying the brand name (there’s actually very little product, I hope my tube doesn’t run out so soon), but it makes me happy to use a lipbalm from a pretty tube.  Well, packaging isn’t everything, but it is important.

The bottom line is, it’s a very decent, multitasking (moisturises & colours) product in a cute case.  It’s probably not worth the money, but I can see myself using it a lot on days when I’m not wearing makeup, or when my face is in desperate need for some subtle perk-me-up.  Oh, and I’d also like the coral one if it ever reappears : P


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