Not Secretive, but Weirdly Addictive- The Secret Society: Hidden Mystery


This free “The Secret Society: Hidden Mystery” is an I-spy type find the object game with a twist.   It’s not just another game in which you find stuff; there’s a whole storyline to it (I can’t tell you what the storyline really is because I’m still playing the game- I guess revealing a little bit each time you play keeps you addicted, no?), which concerns your uncle Richard, who has disappeared. You have a fixed amount of maximum energy for each level you attain, but depleted energy replenishes with time.  I kind of like this mechanism, because it keeps me from playing them too much : P  You’ll get different photos to search in, and each will cost your different amounts of energy.  You won’t get all the photos at the start; you’ll have to complete quests to get them, so the game gradually expands.

If you pay with real money, though, you can get all sorts of items which you’ll need for completing goals.  But then again, as I have mentioned before, I don’t really find that fun.  I enjoy accumulating my own items without using money.image

The graphics are wonderfully made, and very pleasing to the eye.  One major problem for me is the background music.  Although there is supposedly a button for you to turn off the music, it doesn’t.  So basically every time I play the game I have to pretty much mute my phone first.  I wonder if it does the same weird thing to other players.image

This is one of the photos you can search through.  As you progress in the game, it gets harder, and the searching mode is different too each time.  Sometimes you get words, sometimes shadows, sometimes you have to search in darkness (of course, you can purchase a torch).  Just bear in mind though, several things:

1. You can zoom in.  If you don’t, you will likely never find everything in the photo.  I used a Samsung Galaxy Note LTE and I usually zoom the photos to the max and scroll through it.  If you use a smaller phone you’ll unlikely have enough time to do so.

2. You can pause the game.  I love, love, LOVE this feature, which many free games don’t seem to provide.  Especially with these games which takes up a lot of concentration, it sucks when you see the clock ticking and you suddenly have to do something else (for me, it’s usually when my bus arrives, because I tend to play games while waiting for my bus).  So, pause if you need it.  Otherwise you’ll have wasted your energy, and if you don’t complete the mission, you don’t get any objects.

3. Don’t click repeatedly for no reason.  It’s tempting because you can probably find stuff that way (like how you press “tab” in room escape games).  But don’t, because you will get time deducted as a punishment.  image

And the wonderful thing about this game is that it’s not just about finding items.  There are other puzzle games involved too, like the one above, which is a Rush Hour-type puzzle game (with incredibly rendered wooden blocks), and the one below, which is a “Pipes” puzzle.  image

All in all, it’s a great game to pass some time, if you like casual puzzle games.  Since there are so many puzzles of different sorts, it will take a long time before you complete everything.  Just bear in mind that you’ll probably need at least a phablet-sized phone to play it, or else it will frustrate you to no end.