Gino’s Gelato- grown-up goodness


This gelato shop is located in Stanley, Hong Kong.  If you’ve never been there, it a place filled with tourists and expats and also locals on weekends.  As you can see from this photo of the shop front, there are already people with 3 different hair colours : )  The shop itself is tiny, with only about 8 seats inside and a teeny table outside, but in an area like Stanley you really don’t need to sit inside a shop to have ice-cream.image

My choice this time is a double scoop of hazelnut and rich chocolate brownie.  The scoops are quite expensive, but considering it is a touristy place, I suppose it is expected.  I don’t know whether Gino has another shop elsewhere, though (or if Gino’s a real person).

Both flavours are great.  The hazelnut is nutty but subdued- it doesn’t have the usual oily nut taste.  Instead, it tastes matte (I know matte is a colour tone, but I would say it’s a matte taste as opposed to a glossy one, if you know what I mean.  I suck at describing tastes.)  Let’s say it isn’t at all like nutella.  I feel like I can have 10 scoops of it without getting sick of the flavour.

The rich chocolate brownie lives up to its name.  It is really rich.  The chocolate gelato has a deep dark chocolate taste.  I believe it doesn’t have much added sugar since it tastes more like cocoa than chocolate.  The brownie, on the other hand, can be improved slightly.  It’s on the crumbly side, and not rich enough (doesn’t stand out against the chocolate gelato background).  Personally, I prefer a fudgy, chewy brownie in my ice-cream.  I guess a way to improve this flavour is to make either the gelato or the brownie  slighly sweeter, because now they’re too much alike, so it’s just the texture which is different.  image

And look!  Doggie gelato!  $8 (that’s HKD) gots to homeless dogs!  What a great way to market the shop, as Stanley is a famous place for dog-owners, and you can see dozens of them wandering about, having the time of their lives.  I haven’t seen the Doggie Gelato in the shop though, but I suppose it’s a good idea to keep it away from the human gelato… lemme guess, is that bacon flavoured?


Not worth bragging about- Brat Hotdog Shop


I don’t know how to feel about the “gourmet” burger shops that have been popping up these few years.  While some of them are delicious (Triple-O’s is worth the money, in my opinion), some just seems to me as poor excuses for tripling the price of your meal.  Unfortunately, my experience at Brat puts my impression of the shop in the latter category.image

As you can see on the menu here (the prices are in Hong Kong dollars), the hotdogs don’t come cheap.  And did I mention that the shop is just a shopfront and has no seats?  So it’s takeaway only.  For me, I ate my meal on the seats of the shopping centre.  Not the most comfy experience, and of course, no service to speak of.image

First up, the fries.  It is worth mentioning that even though they claim the fries are freshly made, that they leave the potato skins on for flavour and texture, etc. etc., they taste almost exactly the same as those at McDonald’s.  They are not fat or wrinkly ones, they are extremely skinny and bland.  I added extra money for the Japanese condiments (which makes them taste like octopus balls-flavoured fries), but it’s simply teriyaki sauce and mayo and a spinkle of seaweed.  Not worth it.image

Here comes the hotdog.  As you can see, the hotdog fits comfortably in my hand, and my hand is not that big.  I have chosen a spicy garlic sausage (too salty and not enough of other flavours), jalapenos and parmesan cheese as condiments.  But the biggest problem lies in the hotdog bun.  It looks, feels and tastes really cheap, like the cheapest ones you can buy in bulk from the supermarket.  And it’s small.  That was definitely unexpected, looking at the price.

My menu also comes with a can of soft drink, of which I picked Coke.  I wanted lemon tea instead but was informed I need to add more money for it, so I gave up.  Overall, I think the place is do-able if it’s at least half of its current price, but for this price, I can think of so many other places to dine.  And that concludes my one, and probably only, experiece at Brat.

Super natural energy- Eboost Dietary Supplement


I have to admit to not being the most energetic person- I wake up tired most mornings, still craving more rest.  Worse still, caffine has never seemed to do much for me.  It wakes me up a little bit, then I’m back to being tired.  I also don’t really like drinking plain H2O.  This is why I jumped at a chance to try out this product.  It is produced by a company called Eboost, which is from the US, but I bought them here.  It’s a box of 20 packets of powders which you dump in a cup/ bottle of water and it fizzes up.  The company also makes energy shots and effervescent tablets.image

The one I bought is a Pink Lemonade flavoured powder.  I love pink drinks, and pink lemonade is my favourite kind of lemonade.  But for those of you who like less girly drinks, you can also try their Orange and Acai & Pomegranate flavours.  The tablet and shot ones only come in Orange though.image

As you can see, the power is slightly yellow looking, but once you dump it in water it turns pink ❤  Each packet has 6.8g of powder according to the package, and although they tell you to mix the drink in 12 fluid oz. of water (that’s about 300+ml to the rest of the world), I took the advice of some other reviewers and dumped it into a large bottle of water (about 700ml).  I don’t really need the energy rush but I can do with a little pick-me-up.  It was after lunch and I’m feeling awfully hard to focus since my stomach is busily digesting my meal (this happens every day).image

This is the result.  It looks  a bit murky but only because the bottle is gray-tinted.  I bet it would look pretty and pink in a clear glass.  The flavour is slightly tangy and has sa faint sweet taste.  It doesn’t taste much like lemonade, but it still tastes better than plain water for me.  There is not much fizz once the power is all dissolved (and it did so without needing me to stir), so I’d suggest you using cold water to mix it.  In any case, don’t use hot water as it will destroy the Vitamin C goodness!

For the sake of those who want to try this product, I have taken a photo of its ingredients.  Its energy source comes from green tea leaf extract, which I suppose is a natural source.  I’m not sure if it is considered as caffine though.  But in any case, I think it works.  As I sipped through the bottle in the afternoon, I don’t feel so tired and my eyelids have become less droopy.  I have never drank other energy drinks (like Red Bull) before, so I can’t compare products.  However, I have read many reviews that said Eboost doesn’t have the “energy crash” which you may get by drinking other energy drinks.

The one thing that isn’t very attractive is the price.  If you buy it on the Eboost website it is much cheaper than buying from a UK retailer, but unfortunately there is no overseas shipping at Eboost.  It now comes down to about HKD $13 for each packet for me (that’s about US $1.5).  But I suppose it’s still cheaper than buying coffee!  It’s also much more healthy, as you can see in the supplement facts above, it has loads of vitamins and minerals. 

All in all, I think these little packets will be brilliant for trips, hikes and the office, and I may keep one in my bag as well- just in case.