Eye’ll be watching you all day- Urban Decay 24/7 Glide-on Eye Pencil

One rule about putting on makeup is “eyes or lips- never both”, and when I choose to play up one feature, it is always the eyes.  Not because I think they’re my best feature, but merely due to the fact that eye makeup requires less touch-ups.  Re-applying lipstick after every sip of water is not attractive, and of course extremely tiresome.  I actually love to use gel eyeliner best, but those are difficult for on-the-go touch-ups, as you need a brush for that, and the gel gets caked on the brush if you don’t wash it immediately after application.  This is why I don’t put on gel eyeliner that often, even though it stays on for longer. 


Today I want to show you my choice of second-best eyeliner: Urban Decay’s 24/7 Glide-on Eye Pencil!  These things have been around for quite some time, but if you have yet to try them, I hope my post will convince you. 

First of all, its texture is ultra smooth.  It feels almost like a gel or a kohl.  I cannot use kohls though, because my eyelids get really oily and even with primer and eyeshadow the kohls will smudge on me.  Not UD’s though.  They literally glide on without any tugging at all.  I believe they should be easy to use, even for first-timers. 


The liners are also extremely pigmented.  There are more than a dozen colours to choose from, and they colours actually manage to pop out without looking childish.  I used to be a black-eyeliner-only type of girl, and I can safely say that it was UD which opened up my horizon for coloured eyeliners.  Even the shimmery ones look pretty natural on me (and I have dark eyes); they make my eyes shine without the drama of shimmery eyeshadows.

But what I find most impressive is its staying power.  Ok, so it was a bit of false advertising in its name because it will certainly not last 24/7, but it does hold up for most of the day, which is astonishing given my oily lids (yes, even with primer, as I mentioned).  It doesn’t smudge- it fades when in contact with oil but doesn’t migrate around your lids.  I probably will need to touch up once or twice during the day, but apart from that, the colour looks solid and fresh. 

I have about 10 of them (some more blacks apart from the one I showed you above), and because we don’t have any UD stores here, I get them from this website.  With its wide colour selection and easy application, there is something for everyone, from the colour-shy to the ultra bold.  Why not try it, you may like it!