I May Just Get Addicted To… Dior Addict Lip Glow

I haven’t been on this blog for a very, very long time.  I’m sorry.  I also haven’t been trying anything worth talking about.  But mostly I have been lazy.  Anyway, I’m back now, and I hope to update more often, even if I can’t do so regularly.

If you know me, you’ll know that I am kind of addicted to lip products.  I am, and have always been.  I have tried dozens over the years, and have only found a handful that I love.  One of my obsessions is tinted lip balms, because they’re part makeup and part skincare and you convince yourself it’s actually good for you.   I have finished up several tubes of Fresh’s Rost Sugar Tinted Lip Treatment, which is an extremely rare occurance for me.  To finish up a product is rare enough; to re-purchase it when there are countless choices out there is almost unheard of.  So there you go.  It tops my list as one of my favourite go-tos.  But as of now, I don’t own one.  So I thought it’s time to try another.  The contender is Dior Addict’s Lip Glow (in pink, as the limited coral one is no longer available).  Actually I meant to try it long ago, but it’s just way too expensive.  It still remains the most expensive lip product I own to date.  I can’t tell you whether or not it’s “worth it”, but I’ve never had anything quite like it.


The balm itself is slightly pinkish, but it goes on clear, then morphs according to the heat on your lips, apparently.  It becomes a pink tint that is MLBB (actually, MLBMB, My Lips But Much Better), because it literally glows, like it’s lit from within.  Not glossy, not shimmery, but glowy.  Result: supple and healthy-looking lips that brightens up your complexion.  It’s a tad sticker than normal balms, but I wouldn’t call the consistency sticky at all.  If anything, it adheres to your lips better and moisturises your lips better.  And the colour transfers less than your ordinary lippie, because it is basically a clear balm.  Okay… so I don’t get how it works either.  But it does.


The one concern I had before purchasing was, how on earth is it different than, say, the colour-changing balm from Lip Ice, which is about a tenth of its price?  First off, the Lip Ice one turned bright pink, which is ok when you want bright pink, but not when you want MLBB and have no control over how the colour will morph.  It has the potential to get scary.  Also, this is Dior.  I suppose a lot of money goes to buying the brand name (there’s actually very little product, I hope my tube doesn’t run out so soon), but it makes me happy to use a lipbalm from a pretty tube.  Well, packaging isn’t everything, but it is important.

The bottom line is, it’s a very decent, multitasking (moisturises & colours) product in a cute case.  It’s probably not worth the money, but I can see myself using it a lot on days when I’m not wearing makeup, or when my face is in desperate need for some subtle perk-me-up.  Oh, and I’d also like the coral one if it ever reappears : P


Pretty as a petal- Fresh Sugar Rose Tinted Lip Treament


I’ve tried a fair share of lip balms, and I especially love a tinted balm because it adds a bit of colour to your pout without having you worry about the colour bleeding, transferring… that sort of thing.  Fresh’s Sugar lip balms are pretty hyped up, but I think they deserve every bit of their popularity.  They now have lots of colours to choose from (aside from the non-tinted version), but Rose is by far my favourite.  It is a soft but very moisturising lip balm in a petal pink shade, housed in a sturdy metal tube (actually the inside is plastic).  Each tube contains 4.3 grams of product.image

Here’s what the balm looks like when the tube is twisted open (twist caps are the best.  They may not be the most convenient but they won’t get loose inside your bag).  It originally contains a full tube of product, but mine is down to a few millimetres.  It looks pretty bright in the tube but is a sheer wash of colour on your lips.  If you want a deeper shade you can get Plum or Passion.  I’ve read that if you put the tube in your pocket it melts, which makes sense as the balm is quite soft.  I would suggest you to only twist it up a little bit when you use it, and also don’t press too hard on your lips, otherwise you’ll smash the lippy up.  image

As you can see, the colour is a very barely-there tint.  It’s natural enough to use without other makeup on.  And, coming from me who’s got dry lips, it’s also super moisturising.  The texture is somewhere between Vaseline (too slippery, doesn’t mositurise my lips at all) and Eight Hour Cream (too thick and gooey).  It doesn’t have much shine,  but just enough to minimise the appearance of lines on your lips.  And you get SPF 15 as well, without the yucky feel of sunscreen. 

A great all-rounded lip balm, the only downside being the price (on the company website it’s advertised as USD $22.5, but being in faraway Hong Kong it costed a bit more for me).  However, it didn’t stop me from purchasing it over and over again- I’ve used up about 3 tubes in all, which shows how lovable this product is.  Have you tried Fresh’s lip balms and which shade is your favourite?

Creme of the creamy lip colours- Too Faced La Creme Color Drenched Lip Cream


First of all, sorry I haven’t been reviewing nor recommending anything for so long.  I have been snowed in with work and haven’t got time to try anything new!  Anyway, here’s something I tried recently- Too Faced’s new (not so new) lippy.  It claims to be moisturising, creamy and drenched in colour.  It’s also pretty expensive (17 GBP for 1 lipstick!), but since reviews on other sites and blogs seem to rave about it, I got one to try.  And I wasn’t disappointed.image

The colour I got is called “Spice Spice Baby”.  It comes from the “Spice” family and is a creamy brick/ mauve/ latte shade with a kick.  Some people describe it as MLBB (my-lips-but-better, if you aren’t familiar with this type of makeup language), but I find it more MLBD (my-lips-but-darker, and this one I just made it up).  And bear in mind that I have medium skin, so on pale people it would look pretty solid.

The tube is metal, and a luxurious gold colour.  It’s heavy to hold.  It also has a transparent plastic stopped on the inside of the tube cover to give it some grip.  Initially I found the feeling weird (when you close the tube it feels like you’re squishing the lipstick), bu I’ve since got used to it and I like it because it keeps the cover from undoing itself.   

The lipstick itself is indeed very creamy and the colour comes out quite solid, although you can easily apply it over lipbalm or just use your fingers to dot it on and it will become sheer.  I personally can’t be bothered to apply lipsticks with my fingers so I apply it over balm sometimes and just press my lips together and that works fine as well.


This is the product on my lips.  You probably can’t tell from the picture, but my lips are usually quite dry, and for the benefit of this photo I haven’t applied any lip balm beforehand, just the Lip Cream.  It works decently in covering wrinkles on the lips, although I still prefer wearing it over balm.  The staying power is decent but I can’t really tell as I normally don’t go hours with drinking or eating anything.  But it kind of fades into a softer stain, then eventually all fade away, which I think all lipsticks should be like (but most aren’t, instead choosing to collect in clumps on your lips).

All in all, a lipstick which balances out colour and comfort.  With more than a dozen shades to choose from, I’m sure you will find some one you like.

Glamour at a price- Rodial Glam Balm Lip


I love lip balms and have tried an awful lot, but the fact is a lot of them are just really average. Seldom do balms offer enough moisture for me, and I hate to admit, I usually want yummy scents too, so those without.fragrance are not really my thing. This lip balm is the first product I have tried from the brand Rodial, and it is one of the products from its Glam Balm series (a balm similar to Elizabeth Arden’s Eight-hour Cream but smells nicer- I may write a review about it sometime). In fact, this lip balm came in a box set I bought last Christmas, which contained also the Glam Balm and a hand cream. (I only wanted to buy the lip balm initially but got sucked into buying this whole set which apparently helps me save 50% off the rack price…)

imageAs you can see, this balm is slightly tinted in the pot (a kind of peachy, pinkish tint) but has no colour whatsoever on my lips. It claims to be rose- flavoured but this is misleading- it is rose- scented but has no flavour when ingested. It doesn’t taste medicinal or odd. It just has no taste. The balm feels a little bit oily but in a good way- like a slightly thick gloss but it is surprisingly non-sticky.


This is is the balm on my lips. It provides a bit of shine and stays for quite some time.  I don’t really know how to explain it, but its pillowy texture makes it seem almost luxurious to use.  Having it in a tub is slightly inconvenient, but I suppose if you don’t want lip products with lots of beeswax (which I personally don’t find very moisturising) you will have to put up with it being in a tub.  One thing to note, though, is that the product melts a little when in heat, so you probably won’t want to keep it in your pockets and you definitely don’t want to heat it up then tilt the pot- you will get a smeary mess and you will lose a lot of product.  This is why Glam Balm Lip is now my favourite bed-time lip balm, but otherwise I won’t be bringing it out with me anytime soon.

(Not so) Pink lady- Ettusais Lip Essence (Color)


Today I’m reviewing the squeezy-tube lip balm (called “lip essence”) by the Japanese brand Ettusais.  This one is the coloured version, as you can see from the wordings on the tube and also the bright pink tube itself (which unfortunately does not reflect the colour of the balm).  I have used several of the brand’s lip balms and I find it quite a good buy in terms of quality and price.  It claims to have a “gloss oil” type consistency and actually it describes the product quite accurately.  It is moisturising and definitely glossy, but not too sticky.  The added sun protection is a bonus.  So far I find the lip balms the best product the brand offers (and I have tried quite a lot of its products).image

Check this out on my hand.  You can see that it definitely has a red tint.  However, also bear in mind this is quite a thick dollop, and nobody uses that much of lip balm in one go (I sometimes do, but that’s before bed, and we don’t need tinted lip products when sleeping, right?).  When spread out, the balm is actually only slightly tinted.   


Look at this on my lips.  I have it on but you can barely see the colour.  I’m sure the colour is buildable, but the picture above shows how it looks like when I apply lip balm like a normal person.  It is quite good at filling in the lines on the lips, as with most gloss products, and does provide relatively lasting moisture, but if you’re looking for pink lips, you may have better luck with a real gloss.  This product does have its appeal though- look at how I bought it when I have a perfectly fine (but untinted) tube!

Nice-smelling Vaseline- Kiehl’s Lip Balm No.1 in Cranberry

Kiehl’s Lip Balm No.1- the world famous lip balm which is basically overpriced Vaseline.  I remember using the one in the tub before, and that was before any of the flavoured ones came out.  It was quite meh, and I can say that because I have tried most of the lip balms in the market.  Ok, maybe not, but I have tried at least 50 over the years.  Those who know me probably know that I am a bit obssessed. :-p

So, back to No.1.  This tube one which I have got (and I only got it because I had no lip balms on me and my lips were bleeding) smells like cranberry, but not really.  I don’t really know what it smells like, but it is faintly sweet and fairly pleasant.  I like it better than the non-scented version.

As for the texture, it is very different from the tub ones.  It is thin and frankly speaking, exactly the texture of Vaseline.  And it feels like Vaseline too on my lips.  Not very emollient, not enough slip.  Of course, there is plus side.  It is not sticky at all.  It doesn’t stick to anything.

To be honest, I cannot recommend this product to anybody.  If you have dry lips, it won’t provide enough moisture; if you are blessed with moisturised lips… you won’t need this product.  I wish I knew why Kiehl’s changed into this formula; do you?  And do you like it?

(On the other hand, I have kept this in my bag and find it to be a decent cuticle cream. Always good to have multi-purpose goodies in you bag right?)

Kissy kissy- Banila Co The Kissest Plumping Tinted Stick


I recently come across this Korean brand Banila Co, which has both cosmetic and skincare products that look alarming similar to Benefit products.  This lipstick- The Kissest Plumping Tinted Stick- is among my first purchase.  The colour I have is “Passion”.   

As you can see, the tube is made of plastic, with a colour similar to the lipstick shade as the case and a silver metal as the inner twist-up tube.  The tube is of medium thickness, which I think is great for application.    The lippy itself is sheer but buildable, not creamy and only very slightly sticky.  It feels more like a balm than a lipstick, but doesn’t provide very much moisture.  I use it on or under balm.       image

As you can see in this photo, I have 1, 2 and 3 layers on the back of my hand respectively.  The colour builds up very nicely.  One layer gives you a sheer wash of colour, and more layers give you a more solid look.  I originally thought “Passion” will build up to be quite red, but actually it gives a bright pink stain:  image

That’s about 2 layers on my lips.  Oh by the way, the “plumping” bit.  My lips are quite full to begin with, so I don’t actually need any plumping, but I don’t believe this lipstick plumps.  At least it doesn’t feel like it does.  It feels ever so slightly minty when first put on, but nothing compared to the tingly feeling of Lip Venom.  My lips certainly don’t look any fuller, just more pigmented.  However, judging by its stain-like texture on the lips, it is no surprise to me that it doesn’t deliver much in the plumping department, so no disappointments there!

On a final note, this lippy has SPF13 as well, which is a rather nice touch for a lip stain.  Of course, you will need to apply at least 1 full layer for the SPF to have any effect on your skin, but it is always good to have some skin protection in cosmetics, right?  This is one of the reasons why I love Korean makeup!