I May Just Get Addicted To… Dior Addict Lip Glow

I haven’t been on this blog for a very, very long time.  I’m sorry.  I also haven’t been trying anything worth talking about.  But mostly I have been lazy.  Anyway, I’m back now, and I hope to update more often, even if I can’t do so regularly.

If you know me, you’ll know that I am kind of addicted to lip products.  I am, and have always been.  I have tried dozens over the years, and have only found a handful that I love.  One of my obsessions is tinted lip balms, because they’re part makeup and part skincare and you convince yourself it’s actually good for you.   I have finished up several tubes of Fresh’s Rost Sugar Tinted Lip Treatment, which is an extremely rare occurance for me.  To finish up a product is rare enough; to re-purchase it when there are countless choices out there is almost unheard of.  So there you go.  It tops my list as one of my favourite go-tos.  But as of now, I don’t own one.  So I thought it’s time to try another.  The contender is Dior Addict’s Lip Glow (in pink, as the limited coral one is no longer available).  Actually I meant to try it long ago, but it’s just way too expensive.  It still remains the most expensive lip product I own to date.  I can’t tell you whether or not it’s “worth it”, but I’ve never had anything quite like it.


The balm itself is slightly pinkish, but it goes on clear, then morphs according to the heat on your lips, apparently.  It becomes a pink tint that is MLBB (actually, MLBMB, My Lips But Much Better), because it literally glows, like it’s lit from within.  Not glossy, not shimmery, but glowy.  Result: supple and healthy-looking lips that brightens up your complexion.  It’s a tad sticker than normal balms, but I wouldn’t call the consistency sticky at all.  If anything, it adheres to your lips better and moisturises your lips better.  And the colour transfers less than your ordinary lippie, because it is basically a clear balm.  Okay… so I don’t get how it works either.  But it does.


The one concern I had before purchasing was, how on earth is it different than, say, the colour-changing balm from Lip Ice, which is about a tenth of its price?  First off, the Lip Ice one turned bright pink, which is ok when you want bright pink, but not when you want MLBB and have no control over how the colour will morph.  It has the potential to get scary.  Also, this is Dior.  I suppose a lot of money goes to buying the brand name (there’s actually very little product, I hope my tube doesn’t run out so soon), but it makes me happy to use a lipbalm from a pretty tube.  Well, packaging isn’t everything, but it is important.

The bottom line is, it’s a very decent, multitasking (moisturises & colours) product in a cute case.  It’s probably not worth the money, but I can see myself using it a lot on days when I’m not wearing makeup, or when my face is in desperate need for some subtle perk-me-up.  Oh, and I’d also like the coral one if it ever reappears : P


So much time, so little done! Holika Holika Pig-nose Clear Black Head 3-Step Kit


Today I’m going to review this blackhead 3-step kit from Holika Holika, which is one of the first products I tried from this Korean brand.  I got sucked into buying it because the saleslady told me this would clear blackheads much better than normal pore strips, so I figured, why not give it a try.  Did it live up to expectations?  Read on…


As the product name suggests, this is a 3-step system to clear blackheads off noses.  Each of the little nose masks stay on for 15 to 20 minutes a time, and you use them one after another, which means it takes a minimum of 45 minutes.  I’m not kidding you.  And that’s just the nose.  image

Step 1 is an essence-soaked mask sheet which smells a bit funny and tingles a little.  From what the saleslady today me, it is supposed to suck out the blackheads to make them easier to adhere to Step 2.  I have no way to verify what she says, as the packaging and every single word on the packet (except for the brand name) is in Korean, and I don’t read a word in the language.  So let’s pretend the beauty people know what they’re talking about.  This Step 1 took up 15 minutes of my time, but didn’t open up my pores or anything.  I can’t really tell what it did, to be honest.image

Now onto Step 2, which is basically a regular pore strip.  Nothing much to tell you, except that it doesn’t fit my nose that well.  It works like every other pore strip.  I don’t think it sucked out more blackheads than usual, even though I used Step 1 beforehand.image

The final Step 3 is a gel-like mask which is supposed to hydrate the pores and sooth (or something like that).  I can’t ascertain if it hydrated my nose, and to be honest, after 45 minutes, you just want to get the dang things off your nose.  You don’t really care anymore. 

I don’t have the end result here, but I can tell you I don’t look that much different than when I use a pore strip after washing my face.  But there’s a huge difference in the execution.  The cost of each Holika Holika pack (with 3 steps, single use) is the cost of one box of pore strips (that’s 10 uses).  In other words, for each use, you spend 10 times the money and at least 3 times the time.  I don’t mind spending that money if the result is amazing; however, the result is exactly the same.  So sadly, I don’t think I will be purchasing this product again.  The question now is what to do with the 9 remaining packs I bought…

Liquid exfoliator- Peter Thomas Roth Glycolic Acid 10% Toning Complex


I recently tried out a new (new-to-me) brand, Peter Thomas Roth.  This product appealed to me because it’s not glycolic acid in the form of an additional serum, but in your toner.  I also love that they tell you it has 10% glycolic acid, as opposed to some brands which just tells you there is glycolic acid in it but no indication of the concentration.  It feels like I’m getting a more potent product, although obviously I can’t compare with companies which don’t disclose their concentration (like you, Mario Badescu!).  Aside from the glycolic acid, it apparently has other nice stuff like lactic acid, citric acid, vitamin C… (you can read the bottle in the picture above and below).image

Here’s a look at the back of the bottle for you who may be interested.image

The toner is clear (as you can see from the lack of apparent colour inside the bottle- and it’s full), and doesn’t smell much.  I expected a stronger smell (because of all the acid in it I suppose), but it doesn’t smell of anything at all.  After I smoothed it on with a cotton pad, it tingled a little (not a lot, but obviously use it sparingly, and don’t rub), and it made my cheeks a little red.  It stayed reddish for quite some time (I don’t know exactly how long because I headed to bed), but it can be because my skin is on the thin and sensitive side.  Therefore, I only use it at night so far, which means the 250 mL bottle will last me quite some time.

After using it every night for 2 weeks, I think my acne scars have faded slightly. Pimples also seemed to heal slightly quicker. However, one thing that kind of bothers me is the design of the bottle cap. It is quite leaky when you pour the content out onto the cotton pad, which means you waste a little product each time you use it. For those of you who have used it before, did you encounter this problem!

Nice-smelling Vaseline- Kiehl’s Lip Balm No.1 in Cranberry

Kiehl’s Lip Balm No.1- the world famous lip balm which is basically overpriced Vaseline.  I remember using the one in the tub before, and that was before any of the flavoured ones came out.  It was quite meh, and I can say that because I have tried most of the lip balms in the market.  Ok, maybe not, but I have tried at least 50 over the years.  Those who know me probably know that I am a bit obssessed. :-p

So, back to No.1.  This tube one which I have got (and I only got it because I had no lip balms on me and my lips were bleeding) smells like cranberry, but not really.  I don’t really know what it smells like, but it is faintly sweet and fairly pleasant.  I like it better than the non-scented version.

As for the texture, it is very different from the tub ones.  It is thin and frankly speaking, exactly the texture of Vaseline.  And it feels like Vaseline too on my lips.  Not very emollient, not enough slip.  Of course, there is plus side.  It is not sticky at all.  It doesn’t stick to anything.

To be honest, I cannot recommend this product to anybody.  If you have dry lips, it won’t provide enough moisture; if you are blessed with moisturised lips… you won’t need this product.  I wish I knew why Kiehl’s changed into this formula; do you?  And do you like it?

(On the other hand, I have kept this in my bag and find it to be a decent cuticle cream. Always good to have multi-purpose goodies in you bag right?)

The step zero of skin care- Banila Co Clean It Zero


If you have seen my other post, you will know that it is only recently that I have discovered the Korean brand Banila Co, but apparently this cleanser have been around for 2 years already, and is a top seller of the brand according to the saleslady who sold me this.  It is a 100g tub of cream-like, oil-based makeup remover/ cleanser which smells like strawberries.  Cute.image

Using the cleanser is quite simple- you simply use the spatula provided to scoop a little bit into dry palms (I use approximately the size of a large marble), then massage the balm all over your face (must be also dry).   Afterwards, you rinse your face with water (which emulsifies the balm, taking off your makeup at the same time) and you’re done.  If you have used any type of cleansing oil before, this cleanses in the same way, only less messily (at least the balm won’t drip off your hands even before you clean your face).  From what the saleslady said, you can stop after using this cleanser, but I follow up with my usual routine (which is some sort of liquid cleanser on a Clarisonic), and that works well.image

To be honest, I’ve only used it for several days, but so far it hasn’t made me break out or dry out my skin.  One thing to note, though, is that just like cleansing oils, your eyes will get all cloudy if you use this stuff around the eyes.  But this is to be expected for every kind of oil-based makeup remover uner the sun.  I don’t think there will be any non-cloud type of cleanser any time soon (for that would defy science, right?), but a simple way to make it more bearable for the eyes is to rinse it lots of water afterwards.

What about you?  Have you tried balmy oil-based cleansers and do you prefer this or the liquid type?